NHRA, Rick Silvers, Kenny Bernstein, 300 MPH, and Me!

Rick Silvers and Son.

20 Years ago this weekend, Kenny Bernstein broke Drag Racings 300 MPH barrier when he got 301.70 MPH at the NHRA Gatornationals in Florida. I was there!

Rick Silvers and I used to go to a lot of the NHRA Drag Races up and down the USA East Coast. I worked weekends at Suffolk Raceway, and he had a race car. He also worked with me in our day jobs. He is an Excellent friend to this day.

He still has the same racecar, always improving it. He says: “If you can spin your tires, you don’t have enough traction. You have to fix your traction problem. If you can’t spin you tires, you don’t have enough power, You gotta soup it up so you can get enough power”. Truer and more racerific words have never been spoken.

One of the things I miss most about the USA is going to the races with Rick, it was always a road trip and always a good time! Once we went to Pennsylvania and I pulled a camper trailer in my old Jeep Cherokee with the four cylinder engine! That Jeep was never the same! Once we drove down to Florida and he had to pull over every hundred yards so I could puke, One stop I rolled out of the car into an ant hill. I remember him laughing and people blowing their horns! I don’t miss those hangovers one bit!

Video of the 300 MPH Race, and an interview with Kenny Bernstein

I remember this like yesterday!

3 thoughts on “NHRA, Rick Silvers, Kenny Bernstein, 300 MPH, and Me!

  1. How neat that you and Rick were buddies!! You must of had some neat times together! Bob and I like car racing. In the last few years we have quit going to the NASCAR races because we kinda tired of it and the heat. But we do watch it on TV. How is it that you left the States? Did you go for a visit, fall in love, never to return?? lol…better weather there that's for sure!! …debbie

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