NFL Football Season is OVER (for me)(maybe)

American football sucks so bad I’m getting ready to quit watching for the season. I’ve never been to a Washington Redskins game where they lost. I’ve only been to three or four. Conversely, I’ve seldom seen them win on television. Maybe three times, and I’ve watched hundreds of games. It seems pretty safe to say that if I watch, they lose, and if I don’t watch, they win. I DID see them win week 1 this year, and I felt so good.

Also the refs cheat. Yesterday they’d call penalties on the Redskins, but not the Bengals. Near the end of the game yesterday, Redskins threw a long pass. Two Bengals tripped the Redskin receiver, blatant pass interference and no penalty. The crowd was booing and the announcers were amazed. Then on the last plays of the game, there were about three penalties against the Redskins, it was something like 4th down and 45 yards to go, and the announcers were saying they didn’t know what the penalties were for or who (on the Redskins team) they were against.

I know I don’t effect* the outcome of the game simply by watching, but watching my team lose over and over is disheartening. Many times I have turned on the game late, and the Redskins will be ahead, only to start screwing up as soon as I turn on the set. I know I don’t control it but it seems that way, after years and years of watching.

The Redskins always lose by A: Getting screwed by the Refs, or B: Making stupid mistakes and beating themselves. Of all the games I’ve seen the Redskins lose, I’ve NEVER seen anybody beat them.

A good friend and fellow Redskins fan said yesterday, “As a longtime Redskins Fan, I know that sinking feeling too well”.

Yeah, me too.

*I still don’t know, even after looking it up.

3 thoughts on “NFL Football Season is OVER (for me)(maybe)

  1. Haha. I’ve definitely turned away from a game or two after realizing my team was doing better when I wasn’t watching. Gotta try it, just in case! There’s some old quote that says something to the effect of “Most football games are lost, not won.”

  2. The replacement refs are just not up to working these games. The athletes are too good, the plays too fast, and sometimes they must just close their eyes and guess. The Patriots were probable victims yesterday on what looks like a missed call on a game-winning field goal. Get real refs back to work!

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