Next weeks posts

I guess nobody reads this anymore, I haven’t had a comment in a long time. Hmmmph.

(Bring me some cheese. (to go with my whine)

today I have to re-align my BBC satellite dish, I think somebody bumped it with a car.

Monday, I have an outside broadcast that will probably last 10 or 11 hours.
Next Tuesday, a friend from the US is coming on a cruise ship.
I kind of have a bad attitude today.
But the good news is, IT’S FRIDAY!

0 thoughts on “Next weeks posts

  1. Yep, I admit I have been totally out of the loop for the last month or so, but I will be striving to get caught up.Just don’t be surprised if you get an email box full of me commenting on past posts. Give me time.

  2. Let’s see if we can’t get the number of comments up to double digits. Mark seems to like that as he’s mentioned in previous posts.And yes, like everyone else I read the blog everyday..

  3. Hi Dude there in the islands! Havn’t heard from you in ages…. and kinda stopped reading your blog! Will be back, so there, now you have double digit comments!

  4. Well, I found you through a link via another link from Chris H’s blog!! And I have enjoyed reading your blog and will visit again….even if I don’t have any idea about some of the stuff you talk about!! 🙂

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