New Years Resolution Broken and

Last night I went to bed with a bad sore throat. I took some cold medicine that makes you sleep and slept with a double blanket. I slept really really good. I mean really good. I could have stayed in bed forever, it felt like. I got up to pee, at 3:33, and went back to sleep instantly. I was dreaming nice dreams I can’t remember when the alarm woke me up at 5.

i went out on the back porch to do my exercises and it was rainy and it looked like a windstorm had come by, the plastic chairs blown over and all… So I didn’t do my exercises this morning.

Resolution Broken. Exercise in the morning every workday.

The first words I uttered today were “yes I did” to my wife. I dug out the million shoes she had under the bed. I was planning on being snooty about it when she got up but she asked me in her sleepy voice, “Did you dig out my shoes?” I said the aforementioned “Yes I did,” plus an additional “I was just stacking them up so you don’t trip on them.” and she replied “Thank you, I couldn’t get them because of my foot”. Remember, she broke her foot last summer, and it’s still sometimes painful.

My wife is the best person I’ve ever met in my life, and she makes me a better person just from being around her.

I’m afraid I’m catching a cold, I don’t wanna catch a cold. It’s cold and rainy again. I don’t need it.

Last night we had sushi with some people from Costa Rica who are moving to the island in July. They were nice and the wasabi was good!

Tomorrow’s Friday! Have a good day!

4 thoughts on “New Years Resolution Broken and

  1. So sorry u r getting ill. I was sick for 2 months this fall from an upper airway congestion. I ended up being on 3 different antibiotics. All due to starting a new job. Funny story about your wife’s shoes. I would not throw the towel in on your new year resolution. I don’t think it should count if your sick

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