New Orleans Saints

Everyone knows I’m a Redskins fan, I was born in DC and will always be a Redskins fan as long as they exist. Rain or shine. Win or lose.


Years ago, I decided I needed a second team to like, I picked the New Orleans Saints, mostly  because they had the best looking cheerleaders. But now, the cheerleaders aren’t so hot, and I don’t like that New Orleans has hired that old fat hippie Dallas coach. (At least he got a haircut)

SO at this time I make a public declaration: New Orleans Saints are no longer my number two team. I don’t dislike them, but I officially disown them as my team.

Please continue doing whatever you were doing before you paused to read this, and..


PS: Pirates week starts this week. Tonight is the fireworks. Not sure I have a Pirates uniform or not…

4 thoughts on “New Orleans Saints

  1. I will take your word for it that they now suck. Who will you pick for your Number 2 team now I wonder, and will it depend on the Cheerleaders… or the Coach? Hmmmm…………….

  2. I like the saints too…and the coach is a dead ringer of my friend Mike…I miss him..I like the packers…and you think I would hate them…but not..I like the browns because of their dog pound fans..but the cowboys I love..sigh* heart breakers.

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