New Dog For Dog Killing Neighbors


I’m on it.

[jwplayer mediaid=”11999″]

Called the cops last night. My dog killing neighbors have a new dog.The video above shows the police giving the dog some water. (sorry the vid is sideways, I rotated it but my media player wouldn’t play the rotated version)

11 thoughts on “New Dog For Dog Killing Neighbors

  1. No the video played fine. I don’t know what to say but you have done the right thing. Quite taken aback and disgusted with them next door. Please keep us posted on what happens.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What is wrong with them? The last dog had no shade (I think) and this one is confined in a dog-hut. Why do they bother-maybe they think they’re ‘rescuing’ some poor dog? Absolutely awful…………

  3. What did the police say? I just don’t get people. They want to have animals and then they don’t treat them right or respect them.
    I just hope this dog doesn’t perish like the other one did. Someone has to do something before it’s too late.
    I cannot stand ignorant people like that.

  4. The video wouldn’t play for me… but anyway… if they are dreadful dog owners they shouldn’t be allowed to own another dog surely? I hope that dog is taken off them asap.

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