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I’m getting increasingly disgruntled that I cannot switch to the new version of Blogger. I started trying to switch to beta months and months and ago and couldn’t. Now beta’s gone, and everytime I log on I get invited to switch to the new version and when I try, I get told I can’t. According to the help file, I should be able to. The only reason that might apply as to why I can’t is that is if this blog is too big. It’s not THAT big.

This morning I’m working early and late. I have a broadcast this morning at the Ritz, then I have to go back tonight for my all-week broadcast. It was a hassle moving all the equipment and now I have to move it back tonight. Also I was not informed of this mornings broadcast till last night. The Ritz is one of the worst places to broadcast from.

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  1. Dude, I totally feel your pain. I can’t seem to get it figured out. I have decided that I will be a dork and have the rotary phone of blogs. I have come to terms with it.

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