New Blog Site

I am moving here from Blogger. Blogger’s new interface is inferior. I spend more time trying to fix the post in “edit HTML” mode than I spend posting the post itself.

I feel bad complaining about Blogger. After all it is free. But what the hell. If my wife gave me a new car, I’d appreciate it. But then if she came one day and took the radio out, a few weeks later took off the good tires and put some crappy ones on, and generally periodically did things to make my car (which I was perfectly happy with) WORSE. Then¬†eventually¬†I would get tired of it and get a different one.

WordPress may be no better, I don’t know WordPress yet, but WordPress let me import my whole blogger blog. There may be no going back! If I don’t like WordPress, Blogger doesn’t have an “Import Blog” feature that I know of….

Anyway, here I am. To happily stay I hope!

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