Neglected Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is very important. Whether you rent or own, home maintenance can save you time and money. Most people do the big stuff, weekly oiling of the toilet seat hinges, monthly sharpening the blades on the carbage disposal. But when’s the last time you tested the fridge light? I mean, you know it is on when you open the door, you’d notice if it wasn’t, but how do you really know it goes off when you close it? An always-on ridge light can probably cost you fifty cents to a dollar annually in unnecessary electrical bill costs, so it’s important to test it regularly. Below is our test, which you can easily do at home too.

Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll still wonder if it goes off when you’re not testing it. But unlike me, you don’t have to lose sleep over it, all you can do is test it regularly, say once a week or hourly, and rest assured that you’re doing all you can to avoid those pesky high electricity costs.

Last night the wife and I actually went out to a restaurant. It was great! We were the only ones there, seated outside, but there were a lot of people coming and picking up food to go. Outdoor seating is all that’s allowed so far in our recovery from this covid 19 thingamajig. It was very nice to go out.

Have a great day, Remember that critical home maintenance!

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