Naturally Destructive

I’ve noticed over the years a certain lopsidedness in the fabric of our existence. Maybe a mistake God made when he put this place together. Maybe just my perception.

It takes humans months or years to build a building, but we have equipment that can destroy it in seconds. Bombs or buldozers. If you cut your finger, it takes days or weeks to heal, but the cut only took a millisecond to occur. The other day, my dog was using the corner of the wall to scratch an itch, only I could tell, she wasn’t going to stop. She would have eventually chewed up the whole wall had I not intervened.

It seems that we, the denizens of this planet, have a minute ability to do anything productive when compared to our vastly greater ability to damage or destroy.

If you hurt someone’s feelings, even if you apologize and sincerely meant no harm, there is injury and chances are you’ll hurt them again before the old wound has time to heal. These hurts accumulate and soon the healing is comparatively non existent. So many divorces.

When we feel good, we can remember what it’s like to feel bad, but when we feel bad, we cannot remember what it’s like to feel good. So many suicides.

A tree can take centuries to grow, but in a second, a bolt of lightning can splinter it to dust. Where’s the equal-but-opposite force in nature? Humans can nuke an ancient city to nothingness in a nanosecond. Where’s the equal-but-opposite characteristic in human ability?

This lopsidedness is leaning us way in the wrong way. The wrong direction. It’s too easy to damage and destroy and too difficult to create and repair. It’s a fundamental flaw in creation. Or maybe it’s just my perception.

Perhaps God could have done a lot better .

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