Yesterday was my appointment for Naturalization. In 6 to 9 months, I should be getting a letter, if the letter is “yes” I will be eligible for a Cayman and UK passport.
Also yesterday, I worked the night shift, I went in at midnight and took the station off the air to do some studio work. So, after my appointment, I went to the beach!

There were six cruise ships in port yesterday!
There was still plenty of good beach
This a new restaurant, when it opens, they will tear down the
Beach Club

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  1. I just love your beaches.They are soooooo pretty.A girlfriend said Cayman Island is named for those little crocodiles, and that your island has them in your water everywhere! It kinda put me off… so .. is it true?Are they dangerous?Also, what nationality are you? If not a 'Cayman Islander'? What else can I ask you? hmmmmm… What made you go there from where ever you were before?That's all for now!Can you do a blog post as your answers??? Blog fodder! lol

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