My Transit Photos, MIB III

Yesterday afternoon was the transit of Venus across the face of the sun. It only happens twice, eight years apart, every hundred and five years or so. I took these pics at 1/2000th of  a second and F 6.3. Thereabouts.
As the sun got lower the sky got hazier and we couldn’t see much more than shown in the pictures. 
Then we went to see Men In Black III which was very good and I recommend seeing it in the theater in 3D.
Hump Day today. Insomnia was kicked in full blast last night. To bed at 10, awake at 2. Maybe snoozed about 45 minutes between 4 and 5, awake for the alarm. I’m not tired right now though.

7 thoughts on “My Transit Photos, MIB III

  1. Your so lucky you got to see it, i saw a live stream of it online, but it's not the same. I want to see Men in Black but no one I know wants to go see it. I have to wait until its out DVD

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