My Own BatDad

You’ve heard of BatDad, right? If you haven’t, you should check him out. He takes videos in selfie mode with half his face in the frame as he gives his family vital instructions on life. They don’t always seem to take him too seriously when he’s wearing his Batman mask though..

Well, I have my own version of BatDad, Ashy Thee Batcat!

Ashy Thee Batcat!

I took this picture the other day and she reminded me of the BatDad videos. At the time, she was giving me vital instructions to let her outside.

Yesterday, I rode the scooter, it rained hard. That wasn’t in my brochure. I didn’t check the weather, but it looked good when I left. Today, I’ll try to be more prepared.

Last night I had a dream that I was at a barbecue on a farm, it was dark, very dark. There was a black dog that was invisible in the dark. He was very dangerous, I can’t remember if he killed anyone, but I was worried. I wanna say he was a wolf, but he was a black dog. Also there were the biggest ribs cooking that I ever saw, about 3 feet long and four inch wide bones. And at one point, a cow with very short legs came walking into the circle of light from the fire. I woke up, wondering if I had ever been killed in a dream, I was certain I hadn’t. There were a lot of people there, none of whom I knew.

I got a new inner tube for my bicycle yesterday, The old one was so old and dry rotted that I think I’m going to replace the front tube too, even though it still holds air.

And that’s about all my rambling for today.

Have a good day, and watch BatDad! I want to know if you like it!

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