My new profile picture

the entrance

the little cove

I was at Smiths Cove, walking around barefoot on the sharp rocks, when I found this litle cove, I said to myself, “I’m going to swim in there. The next time I went snorkeling there, I swam around and found the entrance, and went in. Even though the waves were small, it was like a washing machine in there, and I was a little worried about hitting the rocks, especialy going through the skinny parts, but put my camera on auto timer and took my picture.

That’s the story of my new profile photo!

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  1. I also thank you for visiting my blog. My husband has done plenty of fiberglass repairs but we are dealing with color matching here and this guy is supposed to be the expert. But, who knows, he might be doing it yet.Love your site by the way.

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