My name is on the ISS!

My name is on board the International Space Station!
I received an email from David Poyer. He sent a picture and link to an article in the
Virginian Pilot newspaper. In the article is this same picture of Astronaut John Phillips reading “Down To A Sunless Sea”, which was was sent up to the ISS on the most recent shuttle mission. Dave was writing “Down To A Sunless Sea” while he was taking my scuba class in (about) 1995 or 1996. My name is in the “thank you’s” in the front of that book!
I am very proud to know David Poyer, I consider him a friend. He probably considers me one of his most severely googley eyed fans, but it’s OK!
I read almost all the books he has written, and they are all excellent reading! My only complaint is that he can’t write as fast as I can read!
If you like hearing about my dives here, then you would love
“Down To A Sunless Sea” and all the books with Tiller Galloway in them. The Dan Lenson books are about a Naval officer, they’re really good too. (You know I used to be in the Navy.) Every one of David Poyer’s books has been great. I didn’t know about his newest, or I would have picked it up while I was in the US last week.

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  1. Very cool! Not many can say their name is in space. In regards to books, I picked up a book the other day titled “Shadow Divers” – it’s about the discovery in 1991 of a sunnken U boat in about 230 feet of water & divers’ exploration of it. I’m finding it a great read. Have you ever read it?

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