My Lucky Day, Friday the 13th

For me, Friday the 13th’s have always been lucky days, instead of unlucky, as the myth says.

In the news, the BBC said this morning that Brexit will happen by the end of January, and Scotland might leave the UK, and re-join the EU. We have friends visiting from Scotland, we’ll see what they have to say today.

I’m not really too excited about this weekend, I can’t anticipate what’s going to go on, construction-wise. Not sure what role I’ll be playing, parts runner, stand around and looker, or absentee at the beach. Yesterday was productive, but not as much got done as I hoped.

Have a good weekend!

One thought on “My Lucky Day, Friday the 13th

  1. I previously mentioned also that Friday the 13th was a lucky day. Saturday the 14th, no so much.
    Here’s what I used to do. On Friday the 13th I would try to only notice the good things that were happening that day. I should do that all the time but that’s another story. The day would be very nice.
    Then on Saturday the 14th things went back to normal. And the bad stuff was amplified to the max. So I don’t do the 13th thing anymore.
    I do like to warn people when Friday the 13th falls on another day of the week. You don’t want Friday the 13th sneaking up on you when it’s on a Wednesday!

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