Must’ve Forgotten Something..

It’s 6:07 AM, I’m ready to go to work already. Usually I’m not ready till after 6:30 or so, at the earliest.

Got up, shaved, walked, showered,dressed, coffeed, it’s all there.Maybe I went through s time warp.

Yesterday at lunch, I swam out to the island again. It was very nice out there. I used to go camping out there, with my dog, Ditto. I was thinking about him a lot while I was there.

Here’s a selfie as I was ready to swim back.

Small Island Selfie
The Island, SW of Grand Cayman

The float you see behind me is a boogie board modified to be a freedivers float. I added handles all the way around, a diveflag holder, and I added an anchorpoint on the bottom, so one could tie it up so it won’t float away. Also there’s a way to secure things to the top, like my camera and waterproof bag. (Inside the waterproof bag is my towel and hat, and a waterproof box that has my car keys, phone, a cigar, and lighter.) I’ve had that float for at least 15 years, and the dive flag, I bought in Florida nearly 30 years ago, when I drove down to the Florida Keys by myself with my new kayak on the roof of my van. That was a great adventure!

This has kind of turned into a Flashback Friday post! Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Must’ve Forgotten Something..

    • You have asked the question no boss has yet asked….
      I get an hour for lunch, BUT. I go to work a half hour early, it takes 9 minutes to drive and be at the beach, on the sand, 10 minutes to swim to the island. I spent 30 minutes there, 10 to swim back, 10 or so minutes drying off, less than 9 minutes back. I generally take 90 minutes for lunch, I’ve never asked, I just do it, nobody has ever said anything. I always put in at least my 40 hours a week, so that I have a clean conscious…
      At some point, I woof down a sandwich at my desk.
      Also, if it’s cloudy or rainy, I don’t always go, and give extra time to the company.

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