Multi Media


School of fish , from which the barracuda eats



Above are pics from lunchtime yesterday. I wonder if it’s the same school of  fish and the same barracuda from previous posts.

I (sometimes) take pictures, mostly I want to put them here, but sometimes I post them on Facebook, then I feel like I’m repeating myself by posting them here. Plagiarism of me by me. 

I passed my final real estate test yesterday. Now we’ll see what’s next.

I don’t have much to say today. Kinda woke up and didn’t sleep too well after 2.

6 thoughts on “Multi Media

  1. I feel the same way with Facebook and Twitter. Like if I post something on one, I don’t feel like I should on the other. Of course, I rarely post on either, so it probably doesn’t matter a whole lot. Congrats on the real estate test!

  2. OK… you are on Facedbook? What is your FB name? If I friend you, you can read all about my errant kids and my rants! ha ha ha! Maybe not something you’d enjoy.

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