Much Ado About Nothing

Here it is, Friday! My first day off in a long time, it seems like. I need to mow the yard, wondering if the mower will start. Since we’ve had no rain, I haven’t had to mow for so long…. Here in Cayman, Friday (today) and Monday are holidays. This is a long weekend. All the campers are at the beach this weekend. The Wife is off today, but working tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow would be a better day to mow. (Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow, I always say!)

I guess that’s about it for this post I got nothing to report today.

Oh yeah, my old boss contacted me about going over to do a job where I used to work. I went over to do an assessment and give an estimate on repairing and pointing a satellite dish. So I went yesterday, and everyone pulled me aside and told me how much they missed me and how poorly things are going since I’ve been gone. Made me feel good.
I predict they will use my information to try to fix the dish and point to the satellite again.

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