Moving Again (Not Yet)

Last week I found myself complaining about wordpress, thinking about going back to blogger. I went back and read my posts about blogger before I moved to wordpress, and decided I can’t go back. I need another option. So Friday I purchased the domain I should be getting the passwords so I can upload today. But it will take some time to figure out how to set things up blogstyle…..
It was a good weekend. Redskins won, Dallas lost. I was working on some computers, none successfully. My Mom called, and we talked for a pretty long time. (My Mom hardly ever calls, I call her)
I wanted to go diving, but didn’t.. There was a Breast Cancer Awareness dive this weekend. The wife had a sore back, so we didn’t dive. It was cloudy and sunny and rainy and you could never tell what the weather was going to do in the next five minutes all weekend. But it was a good weekend.

3 thoughts on “Moving Again (Not Yet)

  1. not a bad idea..I’ve thought about doing it for yellowdog granny, but I decided to split my blog into the ydg and monday wed. and friday posts and everything on my new one..feck I wish we would get some rain.

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