Movie: Inception

Last night we watched the movie ‘Inception’. It was the second time we have seen it. It is a really good movie that must be watched more than once. Very complicated. People go into the same dream, then go to sleep in the dream and all enter another dream. In the second dream they go to sleep again, and everybody enters the dream of a third person. A dream within a dream within a dream. The purpose is to get information or plant an idea.

At one point, they are in a van that is going off a bridge, and the van is in free fall. (The people in the van are really in a airplane, dreaming they are in a van. They’re asleep in the van, dreaming they are in a hotel. They are asleep in the hotel, dreaming they are in Switzerland or somewhere. Some of them even go to sleep in Switzerland and dream deeper) Because the van is in free fall, in the dream the people in the van are having, there is no gravity. during this time, a guy blows up an elevator, and it falls. Well, if there was no gravity, it wouldn’t have fallen. To me, that is the only obvious error in the movie. This movie is definitely worth watching, more than once!

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