Movie: Geostorm

Last night we watched a movie called Geostorm. It had really bad reviews. But the Wife and I didn’t think it seemed too bad, if you ignore everything you ever learned about space and satellites and science..

It’s about a satellite network the unified earth created to control the weather. If you watch it, try to think of the bad parts as being funny, like a firey sinkhole that seems to be targeting a particular teeny tiny car by following it as it speeds down the road. Or the commander telling the technician to “dissect each component” as a method to troubleshoot a malfunctioned satellite. Or lightning repeatedly trying with a will to strike one particular person.

I call it a “Sharknado Class” movie. Super unrealistic and impossible, but fun to watch.

It had good cameramanship, (I wouldn’t say special effects, but I suppose I could, but it doesn’t seem like the right term.) Visuals. It has good visuals.

Wish someone would control the weather around here. Super windy and off and on rain. Lugubrious.

Have a good one! Two thumbs up!

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