Motorcycle Crash 2

thursday on the way home from work, I crashed my bike. I was overtaking someone and they turned wth no turn signal. It was stupid of me. I waited till I thought they weren’t turning, went, and they turned.

Basically the same thing that happened to me before.

I did a face plant in the street, fat lip; messed up my ankle, mostly my big toe. The bike has twisted forks at the very least. Not to mention busted plastic.

I took a sick day Friday, spent the weekend resting and recuperating, and it’s back to work today.

American football. The only team I like that’s left is Green Bay Packers. Lets go Pack!

2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Crash 2

  1. Shit you were lucky not to be too badly injured. I crashed my car in November, but lucky no damage to me but my pride.
    I hope it is all better soon, you and the bike!

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