Morning Toothbrushing

Morning toothbrushing, when do you do it? It seems hard for me to find the correct time, logically. Do I do it when I first wake up? I just brushed my teeth before bed, I haven’t eaten or drank anything since I brushed my teeth. I’m ready to go eat breakfast and drink coffee.

Do I do it before I leave for work? Halfway through my first cup of coffee? And then go to work and drink more coffee?

There seems to be no really good time for morning toothbrushing.

When do you brush your teeth in the morning? These things keep me awake at night.

Have a fantastic day!

2 thoughts on “Morning Toothbrushing

  1. I don’t. Nighttime is the only time for me. I knew a guy a work that carried a toothbrush with him and brushed after anytime time he ate anything.
    I’m just glad you didn’t have a small camera filming the inside of your mouth as you brushed!

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