More World Cup 2014 FIFA Referee Crookedness

Every game now, the refs seem to be steering the match. Yesterday, Nigeria scored first against France, but the refs took the goal away, calling “off sides”. I received a phone call about it as soon as it happened, but didn’t see it as I was working. The BBC mentioned it this morning, and the announcer said the goal “looked fine to him.”

Sure, refs are human and make mistakes, but show me any game in the World Cup where the ref has “made a mistake” against the larger, richer country, or any game where they’ve made two “mistakes” that harmed each team. No, to me it is blatant, and the errors always favor one of the two teams repeatedly. Non existent penalties against one team, and ignoring blatant penalties against the other.

The voices of those who see it are getting louder.


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