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The sky now is clear. “Today Weather” says 45% chance of rain. “Weather Forecast” says 60% chance of rain. “Weather Bug” hour by hour says 2% chance of rain max. The CI weather app hasn’t been loading and I didn’t check it, but they ALWAYS say it’s going to rain.Windfinder shows dripping clouds except for a couple hours in the afternoon. Wunderground just says 40% chance of rain, straight across the board.

How can I tell if it going to rain or not, with this mish mash of conflicting information?

For many things, the internet makes information gathering worse. If I just looked out the window, I’d say it was a good day to ride the scooter and leave the van home. But the internet has poisoned the decision making process.

Thanks internet! I was driving the van anyway, I have go shopping after work today.

Have a great day! Stay dry!

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