More Of The Same, And Then Some

Yesterday I went back to the same beach as yesterday, I went snorkeling near Spanish Bay and walked around a bit, taking pictures. While snorkeling, a frikkin remora tried to attach itself to me. Bastad. Normally they just keep hassling you but I kept chasing it until it went away.

Today I don’t know what is planned. Maybe go pick up a check. Renew the PO Box. Smoke a cigar….

3 thoughts on “More Of The Same, And Then Some

  1. So you have a whole new thing going on, good on ya! I’ve wondered where your blog was but traveling a lot I’ve not tracked it down until today. Fabulous photos as always!

  2. I know I have said this before, but seriously… you live in the MOST GORGEOUS PLACE! I am so envious. New Zealand is a beautiful place too… but as I am a ‘beach lover’ I think your island home is just utterly gorgeous.

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