More cruddy weather

It’s cold here, and rainy, the wind was almost straight from the north last night. Although it is colder elsewhere, it is cold for here. Also in my office, I have the AC on maximum, when the door is closed, the temp goes down to 10 C or 50 F.
Today I have a doctors appointment for a blood pressure checkup. I’ve been taking BP medicine for a year I rekkon.
My Mom and sister are coming for a visit Thursday, I hope the weather’s better by then.

0 thoughts on “More cruddy weather

  1. Florida is colder than you are…I am wishing for 75 degree weather. But, I can’t be choosy…I have to enjoy my last day in 68 degree weather before I head to Albuquerque tomorrow!

  2. Hope your folks have a good time, regardless of the weather :)Saw this, & thought of you ;)

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