More Chicken News

Again I am fighting a tendency to put the day of the week in title of every post.

We are going on vacation in less than two weeks and last night I started worrying about the chickens. I hope our friends taking care of our dogs and cats don’t  mind taking care of the chickens too. I am really hooked on those chickens. Yesterday when I got home from work they came running up to me. Hawk jumped up and perched on my cell phone on my belt, Pearl jumped up and perched on my briefcase, slung over my shoulder, Nemo started squeaking for me to pick her up so I perched her on my briefcase too.  Then I put them in their cage and fed them peeled grapes, seed, and the leaves from the vines on the fence that they like. Mangos are almost finished so I’m finding other things to feed them.

Today at work I have a big meeting. You may hear about it in  more detail tomorrow.


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