Moonset Morning

This morning I  got up just in time to see the moon setting. It looks like it’s reflecting off of water but it’s not, just camera movement. Plus here at my house, the moon sets behind trees, not water, most of the time.



Both pictures are similar, just the top one is luckier.

I slept good last night. I woke up a  few times, and glanced at the clock, but didn’t get up on an elbow and watch it go ’round. And when I started thinking, I  told myself to stop thinking and tried to focus on my breathing.

And the Redskins lost last night, I was hoping that after yesterdays post, I would get proven wrong but NOOOooooooo. I am so done with the NFL already… don’t I say that every year?

Anyway, that’ll doer for today. Have a good day!

7 thoughts on “Moonset Morning

  1. 1. Nice moon pics.
    2. You said REDSKINS and that’s not politically correct! 😉
    3. You? Done with the NFL? I think not.
    4. Have a super day!

  2. We never have the alarm clock near by as dark o clock stays as dark o clock other wise we’d start clock watching. Sorry the footie season hasn’t been a good one. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

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