Monday To Work

Monday morning pre-sunrise.

We got home ok around noontime Saturday. The house was in good order. I don’t think Lenny remembered me. He shied away for the first hour or so. Ashy seemed to be on a new daily routine, and I’m getting her back on the old daily routine. Sheba is quite sick. Vomited blood and pooping blood from this pain medicine for her hip. The same vets gave the same medicine to Ditto and it did the same thing. I am quite unhappy with these veterinarians, but the wife thinks they’re the greatest. Sheba’s off the medicine and is rapidly improving.

The yard doesn’t even need mowing, because it barely rained the whole time we were gone.

Sooooo it’s back to work today. I’m actually looking forward to it. That’ll probably change once I get there. I don’y know about you, but when someone else goes on vacation, my workload goes up, covering for them. When I go on vacation, nobody covers for me. I have double work catch-up. Like punishment for taking vacation.

I sound negative, but dont feel negative, I look at it as job security.

I got Costa Rican chocolate bars for my co-workers, and a bag of coffee for HRM, Her Royal Majesty, the Human Rescources Manager.

I haven’t started my van or scooter in almost three weeks, it’s a van day today, and I expect it to start ok, but the scooter is hard to start, even after just a weekend.

Hope it’s sunny at lunchtime!

Have a great day and have a great week!

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