Monday Postaday

It’s Monday, it was mostly cloudy all weekend again.

I watched some football yesterday on Red Zone. I didn’t really like it. It keeps you informed, and there’s all the action, but at the end of the day, I had to go look up who won or lost moreso that if I had just watched one game and got updates that way.

BigĀ  game tonight, Washington must beat the New York Giants.Giants are favored by 2.5. The game’s in New York, and you get three for being at home. That means that if it was on a neutral field, the Redskins would be favored by .5. That means the oddsmakers think Washington is a better team. Washington CAN win, if they show up and play.

Here’s an underwater photo I took a week or so ago, I set the camera on auto timer, put it on the bottom and let the pic take itself.

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