Monday O Monday

I’ve been worried about this week. I don’t have a reason why. For no reason. My gut feeling has been that this would be a tough week.
So this morning, I woke up and we’re off the air. Both stations. There was a power failure that blacked out all downtown, where our studios are. All the computers were screwed up. AN on air sound board got screwed up. The newsroom studio had problems. I got it all fixed and am ready to sneak out for breakfast.
Maybe that was it, all I needed to worry about. Hopefully now it will be smooth sailing all week!

0 thoughts on “Monday O Monday

  1. Do you always have premonitions like this??I have an idea for you. When you go to Costa Rica, I’ll come down and take care of your dawg and your place….you know keep the robbers out. What’d ya think??

  2. No, Sometimes I get nervous for no reason and nothing happens.DOg/house sitting would be great, but I already have made arrangements for my dawg to stay at some friends house and for my landlord to come and do some repairs!Next time?

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