Monday Morning Weekend Report.

It was a nice weekend mostly. We went out on the boat Saturday and Sunday. Saturday someone went with us and we had a “lesson” Sunday The Wife and I went out by ourselves.capn markSunday one of our chickens,  Grey, died. She quit eating and drinking Saturday, (I noticed) and Sunday she died. Right before my eyes. I had her in a shady, comfortable spot, and later I looked out and she was laying in the sun, wings splayed. Then she got up, and tried to walk and fell over backwards. I ran down there and moved her to the shade again. I tried to give her some sugar water but she wouldn’t take any. Then she fell over and I knew I was going to die. Her legs quivered, and I saw her tiny chest rise and fall one last time, and she  was gone. I think that was the first time I saw death like that. I knew what was happening. We buried her near her sister, Stripe.

So now it’s Monday, Here goes!

8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Weekend Report.

  1. Lucky you going out on the boat. We hope you and your wife will spend many great weekends out on her. Speaking of which when is the christening? What will she be called?
    Sorry about grey.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Poor little chick. I am wondering if it had some kind of blockage that it couldn’t eat. Chickens eat pebbles and those don’t get digested or passed through their system, therefore a blockage. My Dad’s chickens did that a lot. Some chickens just aren’t too smart.
    Great to see that you got the boat on the water. I am assuming you had loads of fun, with more to come.
    In answer to your question about credit/debit cards, how people get the numbers when they live so far away? They hack into sites, or others do it for them, then they sell those numbers and the shady people make up fake cards. A lot of people do that for a living because they are too lazy to work.

    • Yes, I did a lot of searching on the internet and read about pasting. She had it bad and I cleaned her and pulled a long piece of vine out of her butt. (with pliers).
      But I guess it was too little too late.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how things balance out. The happiness that was you enjoying your new boat. The sadness that was watching your little chick die. I just sit back and marvel at the adventure you are having in this life. And I thank you for sharing it online……

    Again, my congratulations on the Boat….and my condolences on the chick.

  4. ah, sweety I’m so sorry..I’m reading these from top down so missed this..I had a bunny that Dexter had tried to kill, I tried to keep it alive till I could take it to waco humane society..but little Buggs bit the dirt..damn dexter.

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