Monday Morning Shave

I dislike having whiskers. I usually don’t shave weekends, and all weekend, especially by Sunday night, the hair growth on my face and head makes them feel like they’re dirty. I suffer through it though, because shaving’s a pain, and because of the Monday Morning Shave! Tuesday through Friday, I scrape scrape scrape, getting that one day old stubble off. But Mondays, them long whiskers come off easy! And it’s the smoothest, best shave of the week!

So there’s one good thing about Mondays for ya!

Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Shave

  1. My experience is that no shaver can compete with a blade. That being said, Google “Skull Shaver”. It’s a 5 head shaver that looks ike an electric sander.

  2. Agreed, blades are better. But they take longer and it’s one of the things I don’t care that much about anymore. And blades tear my face up.

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