Monday Morning News

Here it is, a Monday again. It was a cloudy weekend, one good for working. But I didn’t work, I was off. It still was nice, we watched World Cup games, took naps and it was good and restful.

Now, it looks like the weather is getting ready to clear up, making it bad for working. Typical.


The first round of the World Cup is almost over, every team has one more game before the second round. Costa Rica is doing very good. Hope they keep it up. One person says FIFA won’t let Costa Rica win, because they aren’t a big enough country and big enough spenders. This seems to be true, as I heard a disprporpotionately large number of Costa Rica team members were given drug tests after Costa Rica beat Italy. Another person says it’s the Crash of the Titans, with the big teams not doing well, and new champs taking over for a reign of domination. I don’t like the politics rearing its ugly head at my World Cup, detracting from my enjoyment.
On the plus side, Costa Rica is getting a lot of new fans, USA is still in there too! Here’s a chart to help you pick your team.Which WC Team

Have a good week!

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning News

  1. So, this is what confuses me. I guess that we are talking about a point system in your brackets picture and the 1st and 2nd team in the groups gets to advance. There is talk that certain teams have been eliminated already, like England. How can this be? I am having such a hard time understanding the way teams are given points…..

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