Monday Moaning and Uncertainty About the Near Future

The weekend was too short. Saturday I went to town and took care of some errands. Sunday went out in the kayak and snorkeled on the Kittiwake. Then watched football. Yeay Seattle, boo New England.
Also I’ve been studying for my test, supposed to be this week. but I’m about 1/3 of the way through the material. Going to the USA this week too.


Seagull visitor




My feet


Kittiwake Bridge


Kittiwake bow

6 thoughts on “Monday Moaning and Uncertainty About the Near Future

  1. love the pictures…did I ever tell you that you look like my old boyfriend and one of my best friends Chuck? Except he had hair..and even your feet look like his..weird..kick ass this monday..I just got my post sure has some exciting and weird and not so wonderful moments some times..

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