Monday Mayhem

Woke up this morning to two sick dogs. I thought there were two, now I’m thinking only one. Ditto has this medicine that the doctor said if he gets sick, stop giving it to him. Well, I’m stopping. This morning after our walk, bloody diarrhea all over the living room. And Ditto was so humiliated I couldn’t even be mad at him. One of my New Years Eve wishes was that Ditto would be healthy and happy for 2014, but I don’t know if he’s going to make it. I can tell he’s in pain.

It was a good weekend, went to the beach Saturday, and Sunday, went to a Guy Harvey Earth Day Mangrove cleanup. After the cleanup we had lunch at Morgans Harbor. Below are some videos and photos from both.

mangrove cleanup010.MOV_snapshot_00.15_[2013.04.22_06.56.16][jwplayer mediaid=”9791″]

Morgans Harbor Dock017.MOV_snapshot_00.04_[2013.04.22_06.57.01][jwplayer config=”Player-320-480″ mediaid=”9793″]



4 thoughts on “Monday Mayhem

  1. We send healing paw to Ditto. Poor baby. We have just had the same thing and it has been the third/fourth time this year. We know how humiliating these accidents can be.
    We have been in and out of the garden all night and day for the first few days until the antibiotics kicked in. We hope Ditto will be OK. We could only get the first video to work but sure looks nice over your way.
    Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

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