Monday Holiday and a Missing Cat

Today is a holiday here, Remembrance Day, The day we remember our Veterans, and the day I think about my old Navy days. If I could go back in life and live it over, I’d join the Navy again.

BTK, our first cat, has missed four meals. I’m getting worried about her. She’s the mother of most of our cats and was the first to come around. The day she brought her kitties with her for food was a very happy day indeed.

BTK (pronounced BeeTeeKee) stands for “Big Tittie Kittie”. When she first started coming by she was so skinny but had big boobs for feeding the kittens. The Wife shortened it to BTK. BTK has been the most un-trusting of all seven of our cats, the only time I can pet her is while she’s eating. I doubt she’s found another family. I just hope she comes back.

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