Monday Badstart

WOke up this morning and had to iron a shirt. The iron instantly sticks to the shirt, pours water all over the place and the shirt is so stuck to the iron it literally picks up the ironing board and I lift the iron, I pick up the iron, shirt and ironing board all at once, then I gotta pick them apart. And leaves the shirt with white stuff all over it.

What shit.

6 thoughts on “Monday Badstart

    • The last time I ironed I think was 1985…
      Yes we would be weeping! Except I got done weeping a couple weeks ago. I got no expectations of my Washington Redskins anymore. Tired of the “Sinking feeling”.

  1. Thought for a minute there, you were telling us of one of your bad dreams. Oh wait, it is a bad dream. Let me guess. The shirt was made of rayon? Rayon and hot irons like each other too much.

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