Mixing Old Paint

It was a nice weekend. Saturday, I added a shelf to the wife’s screen house. I am pleased with how it came out. The wife is too. I painted it (before I installed it) with some old oil base primer that I had. It was very old, and I didn’t think it was going to mix. An inch below the surface, it was pretty solid. I mixed it with one of those mixers that go on your electric drill, and when I painted it on, it was very thick, it had the consistency of whip cream.

The Screen House, which you’ve seen before.
The shelf, see the yellow arrows.

We went to a friend’s swimming pool, and I put the new camera housing in the water for the first time, without the camera. I guess now I’m ready to take the camera underwater.

Sunday, didn’t do much, I took a nap, highlight of the day.

This week I have two dental appointments, almost done!

Have a great week!

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