Mini Series Dreams

For the last three nights I’ve had three short seeming dreams in the morning before I wake up.

Three nights ago, I dreamed I was having a phone conversation with a friend of mine Ben, from Virginia, who I haven’t heard from since I moved down here. It was just a phone conversation, but when I woke up, I felt like I really talked to him the night before. In the dream he said he and his wife split up.

Night before last I dreamed a friend of mine, (Orville) and I were in prison. I had a piece of concrete that was cylindrical, like a Red Bull can. Orville wanted to steal it. I didn’t want him to. I’m not even sure he was in the dream, I just knew he was there and wanted to steal my piece of concrete.. Yesterday I called him and told him about the dream.

When I was in the Navy, my first ship got decommissioned. Part of the work was inventorying all our hand tools and stuff. After we invetoried everything several times, we took the tools, and put them on the pier. People from other ships could take tools, but none of us from our ship could. Last night I dreamed I was in line to get whatever I wanted from that row-pile of tools on the pier. I was near the end of the line, so all the good stuff was gone, but I got a soldering iron, a spare heating element for a different soldering iron, and I found several of my hats, with my name on them. Also I recognized some of my friends hats. But the hats were there because I threw them away, and I didn’t take them.

How’s that for weirdness?

4 thoughts on “Mini Series Dreams

  1. The last one? One hundred percent weird! It probably means you are a repressed serial killer…. or maybe you just ate a Tortuga patty that was slightly off before you slept. LOL!

  2. Interesting that all of them are about past things, not present, future or just unknown. I love my dreams (most of the time), it's like going to the movies without a clue what will be showing.

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