The OI Girl’s been a little cranky lately, so I took her out last night to a restaurant she’s been wanting to go to. Mezza
It was nice inside and the food was good, but the service was lacking. We were laughing about it at the restaurant.
It seems like the waitstaff doesn’t have assigned tables, so everybody waits on everybody. Which is another way of saying that nobody waits on anyone!
We probably won’t be going back.

Oh yeah, I forgot, Yesterday, when I went to give blood, they couldn’t get any out of me. They poked both arms, and found nice veins, but my veins roll and collapse, and they only got a little blood then quit after about half an hour! Ha Ha Funny Funny!

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  1. Hey Mark – totally off topic and hope you don’t mind – but just wondering how much you house cost per sq ft. We live off island, hoping to put up a little cottage and feel people “see us coming”! 🙂 Just wanted a ball park – if you don’t mind…

  2. Well! My hubby did go to Mezza once for a work meeting and said it was fine. They must have been having a bad unorganised day!And how is it possible that your veins did not hold up? Are you sure you’re not from Translyvania???

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