Memory Monday

I was thinking this weekend about something I remembered from a long time ago. I never actually forgot it, but I was thinking about it.

Probably 1997 or ’98, on a particular day, I was supposed to met this girl at the Westin Beach.

On that particular day, it was raining, hard n’ steady. I didn’t think she’d show up, but I went anyway, in case she did.

I remember that day, sitting on a lounge chair, under an umbrella, on my nice dry towel, in my nice dry raincoat, reading my nice dry book in the pouring rain. I think I had the whole of Seven Mile Beach to myself.

It rained yesterday, and darn it, I couldn’t mow the yard, and it looks like another rainy day today. Saturday was nice though, and I did more painting on my roof. I pretty much got it all painted, I’m just double coating till I run out of paint.

Have a good week, stay dry!

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