Memory Monday-Ditto and the Baby Goat

It’s Monday again, Booo! The Washington Redskins won, Yeay! Dallas won, Booo!

Boo outweighs Yeay! That’s why it’s Mon-day (rhymes)

I really enjoyed posting the post about the little girl at the pool. So I decided I was going to start a thing called “Memory Monday”, where I tell a story I remember.

Today I’m going to tell about DItto and the baby goat.

When I lived in the apartment I used to walk Ditto Thee Dawg down the street to  kind of a dead end. One day near the dead end, there appeared a baby goat, tied to a light pole. This goat was exactly the same size as Ditto, and I assumed the goat had never seen a dog either..

So, they’re there for quite a while, nose to nose sniffing. Ditto on the leash and the Baby Goat on his rope. I’m thinking they’re going to become friends. All of a sudden, quick as a flash, that baby goat reared up and headbutted Ditto forehead to forehead. Ditto was so surprised he started barking like I never heard him bark before. He was yap yap yappin’, embarrassed I think. I was so surprised both by the headbutt and Dittos reaction that I started laughing. Usually when you laugh, you know you’re going to laugh before you laugh, but when you burst out laughing and don’t expect it, it’s a rare treat. That was so funny and unexpected.

Ditto wasn’t hurt, his skull is plenty thick, and the goat didn’t butt him that hard, it was just a friendly tap. I wish I had the whole thing on video, it was truly hilarious.

I’m going to try this Memory Monday thing for a few weeks, It’ll be about that long before I run out of things I remember. I figure it’s better than me bitchin’ about Monday every Monday.

Have a good week!

2 thoughts on “Memory Monday-Ditto and the Baby Goat

  1. I love the idea of a Memory Monday, perhaps I will become a “copy-kitty” for the FIRST TIME in my life and do the same someday…

    That is a great story about Ditto and goat, but I think I’ve heard it before, LOL!

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