Memory Malfunction

If you’d have asked me two weeks ago, I’d have said I’ve been on this island 13 years. Then I ran into a friend who had been here longer than me, and I asked how long he’d been here. 12 years. I said “How is that possible? I’ve been here 13 years and you’ve been here longer than me.” Turns out her got here a month before me, I’ve been adding a year each February and I don’t know when I went wrong. But now I have to go back to 12 years and I feel cheated!

Yesterday the wife and I rode our bikes to a deserted beach. Here’s some pics:

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  1. Dude.. i would drop my lunch to be there on the beautiful beach…you have the life…all your pictures just well…RUBS IT IN..thanks for the reminder that there is a pardise..somewhere other than the travel brochure…have a great day..the mom with the pretty

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