Masked Coffee Drinker

Covid Coffee Drinker

Above is a picture a friend took of me goofing off with a cuppa coffee. The rest of this post has nothing to do with that, just your standard weekend report.

It was what I call a pretty good weekend. It had a lot of clouds, quite a bit of rain off and on, and was somewhat productive.

I am done with that horrible contractor. The apartment is livable, there’s still work to do, but I can handle it.

I started spreading some leftover sand and gravel. There’s a low spot in the yard where I back my car in to park. I’m filling it in. It’ll take about 6 or 8 inches in some places. With good rain, it creates quite a lake. My only worry is compacting the sand and gravel before I put dirt on top. There was some steel mesh left over, I thought it was a sheet and a half, but it’s more. I cut into managable pieces and stowed it away. I plan on using it on the floor of my future shed. And I mowed the yard.

I’m reading a book called Hyperion. It has good parts and bad. The first chapter, which I call the Catholic chapter, was interesing, I give it a 3 out of 5. The poet’s story, I thought was inimportant and boring, 1 out of 5. Sol’s story about Rachel was excellent, 5 out of 5. Mixed feelngs, good parts and bad, not an easy read. There’s other books in the series, and at this point, I don’t think I’ll bother with them. Maybe that’ll change, but I doubt it.

It was an alright weekend, we had diving plang, that were needlessly cancelled because of potential storm Gonzalo, which disappated. Like I said, a lot of rain, but it didn’t seem to interfere with anything, so it was a pretty good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Masked Coffee Drinker

  1. It sounds like a busy weekend and productive, too. Around here we don’t have any difference between week days and weekends since retirement. There is some good in that! The only way we know what day it is, is on appointment days. Those usually are only once a week. Happy Monday from the South Coast of Ohio where retirement is very, very good.

    • I saw your picture on your website, and you look very young to be retired.
      Are you on the Kentucky River in Southern Ohio?

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