Maryland Monday

Today is the day. 10 AM is my fathers funeral.

The flight yesterday was OK except my ticket said United but everything was USAirways. So my mother couldn’t find my flight at the airport.

After I left yesterday, we went off the air. I think we’re still off the air.

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  1. I hate when the flights do that. I’ve seen that on Expedia. You think you’re getting one flight and it’s another.Isn’t there anyone else out there that can fix the station when it’s off the air?How long will you be north?? I’m coming down to Woodbridge, VA on Thursday.

  2. Surely someone is there that can bring up the station. If not, just say, ‘too bad so sad’ till you get back.Give your mother a huge hug and get yourself one from her too.

  3. Thanks Heather! I like the new pic! Aloha!Oh Carney! I’m going back Wed morning. :-(Yes Renee, the transmitter seems to know when I leave the island and goes off the air then!Thanks Shelly and Cindy N.

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