Margaret Thatcher

I just took my first sip of coffee since Friday morning. I haven’t been drinking it when I was sick. I didn’t want any. Actually it doesn’t taste too great.

mtMargaret Thatcher died yesterday. Politically, I don’t really have any strong sentiment. It’s sad when anyone dies, but to me, she was one of Ron Reagans buddies who helped crank up the debt. It seems history is being rewritten while I watch. TO me Ron Reagan wasn’t a great president. He increased debt more than anybody ever. Now he’s dead, and everybody talks like he was sooo great. Let’s name an aircraft carrier after him. Lets re-name Washington National Airport after him. No, lets don’t. Oops too late.

Now I don’t believe anything I was taught in history class in school.

That’s it for today, I’m working myself into a mood I don’t want to be in. Sorry Margaret Thatcher died, condolences to her family.

4 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher

  1. She is like marmite, you either love or hate her but as you said someone has died and the family has lost a much loved lady. Pity some people over here can’t remember that. Have a terrific Tuesday and go shoot a Meerkat it might lighten your mood.
    Best wishes Molly

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