Lynyrd Skynyrd teacher who inspired name dies

I always knew that the band Lynyrd Skynyrd named their band after their high school gym teacher, Leonard Skinner, because they hated his guts. They later befriended him. Coach Skinner was 77.

Coach Skinner was known for zero-tolerance approach to long hair on pupils, including founding members of a rock band. One of the band members, believed to be Gary Rossington, was so irked by the suspension notices he received from the headteacher that he returned with his father, who protested that his son needed to have long hair so that he could support the family with his band earnings. The headteacher was unmoved, suggesting that the youngster get a crew cut and a wig instead..

I remember when Lynyrd Skynyrd was in the plane crash in 1977. My Mom told me about it. I think it was the only music at that time that I liked and that she liked too.

There’s an article about Mr Skinner here.

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  1. Bob and I liked Lynyrd Skynyrd, and named our first cat just that. Lynyrd lived to be a ripe old age of 12…that would be 84 in human terms. He was a cute little guy that we rescued from the pound…debbie

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